About Savannah

  • Red hair and blue eyes
  • Professional business owner for 14 years
  • Wonderful mother to two kids
  • Aquarius
  • Technology and social media guru

About Brock

  • Blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Professional musician with 16 years experience
  • Terrific father to two children
  • Taurus
  • Beer and ale connoisseur

Our Life

  • Living in Colorado Springs and loving it
  • Two kids who live with us and more are welcome
  • Pets of all kinds and more are welcome
  • Looking to expand our businesses which could include you

What We Seek

  • Female between the ages of 18-45
  • Someone curious about or experience with polyamory
  • Willingness¬†to love and be loved by both a man and a woman
  • Interests and personality that will mesh well with us